Security Architectures in the EU

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  • Laws against morphing

    Laws against morphing

    The European Union wants to prevent the forgery of passport photos. Particularly parents pay for this. The German government has announced a new law for passports and identity cards. Photographs for their application shall only be taken under the supervision of employees of the responsible authority. The coalition of Social Democrats and Conservatives wants to […]

  • New Technologies: Europol sets up an „Innovation Laboratory“

    New Technologies: Europol sets up an „Innovation Laboratory“

    The EU interior ministers want to respond to the „challenges and opportunities“ of new technologies. The focus is on 5G networks, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, drones, 3D printing and improved decryption. The Europol Police Agency will focus more on new technologies in the field of internal security. To this end, Europol will set […]