Security Architectures in the EU

  • Drones watching Fortress Europe

    Drones watching Fortress Europe

    The market for military long-endurance drones is dominated by two companies from Israel and one from the USA. Their products are now flying missions to monitor the Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli company Elbit has been commissioned by the European Union to monitor the Mediterranean Sea. The company, which specializes in defence and surveillance technology, announced […]

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  • The long arm of repression

    The long arm of repression

    The Hamburg police use the EU arrest warrant and the European Investigation Order to prosecute activists after the G20 summit. The Federal Criminal Police Office assumes the function of a central office. After the G20 summit, the Hamburg special commission “Black Block” travelled several times to neighbouring countries for an “exchange of knowledge”. This was […]

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  • EU researches drone swarms for maritime surveillance

    EU researches drone swarms for maritime surveillance

    With the support of the EU, arms companies want to try out how 20 different drones can be networked in the air and at sea. Tests will take place in the Mediterranean Sea and the Baltic Sea. In two years “Ocean2020” should deliver first results. The European Union is funding a research project on the […]

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  • Europe-wide anti-terror exercise coordinated by Europol

    Europe-wide anti-terror exercise coordinated by Europol

    European special units have trained in seven EU member states for terrorist attacks. The aim of the exercise was to harden against “Islamist” as well as “right-wing or left-wing ideologies”. European special task forces held a Europe-wide exercise on Tuesday and Wednesday to deal with “terrorist situations”. The police units wanted to train the common […]

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  • More autonomy for drones

    More autonomy for drones

    Unmanned aircraft do take-offs, landings and even aerial battles independently. If they can avoid other airplanes, drones can even fly in civil airspace. A US-American long-range drone of the type “Reaper” has completed an automatic take-off and landing procedure for the first time. This was announced by the manufacturer General Atomics on its website. The […]

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  • The contested Mediterranean

    The contested Mediterranean

    Private rescue organizations are put on the chain. In the middle of the standoff about the ship “Aquarius” Frontex starts the surveillance with drones and wants to give the coordinates of refugee boats to Libya. The Libyan coastguard becomes the doorkeeper of the European Union. The body will receive intelligence data from Frontex to stop […]

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