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  • German secret service law does not have to go into the shredder

    German secret service law does not have to go into the shredder

    The Federal Constitutional Court has ruled that the domestic secret service violates the principle of separation. The legislature should therefore amend the law The German Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz) is no longer allowed to pass on secretly collected data on individuals to police authorities as it pleases. This […]

  • Germany: The state hacks along

    Germany: The state hacks along

    With the temporary exception of the Federal Police, all German police agencies and secret services are now allowed to hack into computers and telephones. This is an extremely deep invasion of privacy On 10 June, the Bundestag massively expanded the use of state trojan horse programmes. A bill on the “adaptation of the law on […]

  • Spotlight on: State Trojans

    Spotlight on: State Trojans

    In Greek mythology, the horse outside the city of Troy was a wooden gift in whose hull some of the hostile Achaeans had hidden. Unsuspecting inhabitants, certain of victory over the invaders, pulled it in, the Achaeans climbed out at night and opened the gates for trailing troops, who then captured and destroyed Troy. Today’s […]