Security Architectures in the EU

Tag: General Atomics

  • Drones watching Fortress Europe

    Drones watching Fortress Europe

    The market for military long-endurance drones is dominated by two companies from Israel and one from the USA. Their products are now flying missions to monitor the Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli company Elbit has been commissioned by the European Union…

  • More autonomy for drones

    More autonomy for drones

    Unmanned aircraft do take-offs, landings and even aerial battles independently. If they can avoid other airplanes, drones can even fly in civil airspace. A US-American long-range drone of the type “Reaper” has completed an automatic take-off and landing procedure for…

  • German Countdown for armed drones

    German Countdown for armed drones

    The majority of the population in Germany is against the acquisition of armed drones; nevertheless a contract to procure them may soon be signed. The Social Democratic Party can still prevent the deal. Before June 15th, the German Ministry of…