Security Architectures in the EU

Schlagwort: Homeland Security

  • Relaunch of the EU-US Migration Platform

    Relaunch of the EU-US Migration Platform

    Twice a year the USA and the EU want to meet to talk about migration and asylum policies At their most recent meeting in Washington last December, the justice and interior ministers of the EU and the USA revived their „Migration Platform“, which had fallen asleep in 2015. The EU also launched a „migration platform“ […]

  • Drones watching Fortress Europe

    Drones watching Fortress Europe

    The market for military long-endurance drones is dominated by two companies from Israel and one from the USA. Their products are now flying missions to monitor the Mediterranean Sea. The Israeli company Elbit has been commissioned by the European Union to monitor the Mediterranean Sea. The company, which specializes in defence and surveillance technology, announced […]

  • The EU Security-Industrial Complex

    The EU Security-Industrial Complex

    Interview with Ben Hayes about his book „NeoConOpticon“ On the occasion of the current Swedish EU Council Presidency, on 29-30 September 2009, the Fourth European Security Research Conference takes place in Stockholm. This „major component in the evolution of civil European security research“ is organized by the European Commission and the Swedish Governmental Agency for […]