Security Architectures in the EU

Schlagwort: Copernicus

  • With sousveillance against the watchers

    With sousveillance against the watchers

    Images from satellites and drones could support civilian rescue organisations in operations in the Mediterranean, and an app could help against pushbacks at land borders. But the technology is currently only helping in rudimentary ways at best. The Mediterranean Sea is considered one of the best-monitored seas in the world, yet its coastal states continue […]

  • Frontex: Migration control from space

    Frontex: Migration control from space

    In EUROSUR, EU member states use various satellite services for maritime surveillance. Frontex and the Maritime Security Agency conclude cooperation agreements with the „Copernicus“ programme for this purpose. All the information Frontex collects at the EU’s external borders is fed into the EUROSUR border surveillance system, which went into operation in 2014. From space, this […]

  • Frontex has air superiority

    Frontex has air superiority

    With its aerial surveillance, from space and soon possibly from the stratosphere, the EU border agency is becoming a quasi-secret service Twice in the past six years, the EU has drastically expanded Frontex’s powers. In 2016, the agency was allowed to purchase its own equipment, and first began leasing its own aircraft. As a „Frontex […]

  • Space-Eye: Satellite surveillance from underneath

    Space-Eye: Satellite surveillance from underneath

    High-resolution images from earth observation could help with non-governmental sea rescues in the Mediterranean. However, these have to be purchased from commercial providers, because openly accessible images from EU satellites are of low quality. An initiative now wants to enrich this data with other sources and evaluate it with algorithms. The EU border agency Frontex […]