Security Architectures in the EU

Schlagwort: Cyberattacks

  • German interior minister cybers the Constitution

    German interior minister cybers the Constitution

    According to a new concept, federal authorities are to be given hacking powers, with the Ukraine war cited as the reason The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) in Bonn is the German government’s top authority for digital information security issues in the state, economy and society. Details are set out in a BSI law […]

  • Restrictive in cyberspace

    Restrictive in cyberspace

    New German cybersecurity guidelines harbour even more surveillance and centralised powers The Federal Cabinet today approved the new „Cybersecurity Strategy for Germany“. The draft, prepared by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, is to be in place for five years and replaces the previous version from 2016. The document describes four different guidelines. Cybersecurity is […]