Utimaco from Aachen: German wiretapping technology could strengthen junta in Myanmar

With the withdrawal of the Norwegian telephone service provider Telenor from Myanmar, German surveillance technology threatens to end up in the hands of the military regime. This could violate EU sanctions and the General Data Protection Regulation.

The Norwegian company Telenor, which specialises in telecommunications, is selling its business in Myanmar. As has now become known, a surveillance system made by the IT company Utimaco from Aachen could also end up in the hands of the military junta. The Myanmar Now news agency, based in the’s capital of the country, warns of this. Through the back door, EU sanctions would be circumvented and 18 million customers would be put at risk – that is about one third of the population.

On 1 February 2021, the military couped against the democratically elected government under Aung San Suu Kyi, dissolved parliament and declared a state of emergency. The subsequent protests were violently put down, hundreds of people were killed, thousands arrested. Because of „atrocities and serious human rights violations“ against the Rohingya population group, the EU has even extended its sanctions regime. „Utimaco from Aachen: German wiretapping technology could strengthen junta in Myanmar“ weiterlesen

Interpol investigates war crimes in Syria and Iraq

Many „foreign fighters“ return to their home countries, 40 Germans and 130 French citizens alone are to be transferred from Kurdish prisons. The authorities are collecting „battlefield evidence“ to bring them to court.

Many „foreign fighters“ in Syria or Iraq are citizens of EU member states, and after the defeat of the „Islamic State“ they return in part to their home countries. A total of 500 fighters and 900 supporters as well as 1,200 children and adolescents from 44 countries are said to be in the custody of Kurdish militias, but the figures are not substantiated. Without giving a source, the German magazine „Spiegel“ writes of 800 jihadists in total.

At least a dozen (Kurdish reports talk about 40) „foreign fighters“  are said to be detained by Kurdish militias, perhaps 130 from France. The Kurdish autonomous government is urging that they return to their country of origin and be brought to justice. Also the U.S. Government demands to bring these people to court at home, the issue was discussed at the recent meeting of the Global Coalition against IS. „Interpol investigates war crimes in Syria and Iraq“ weiterlesen