Hensoldt: New German platform to be able to jam Russian air defense radars

The Bundeswehr is modernizing its electronic warfare capabilities. A new system is to be fitted to Eurofighters once it has been developed

Hensoldt, a German company specializing in sensor technology, has developed Kalaetron Attack, an electronic warfare system. Recent ground tests have proven its effectiveness in „current threat scenarios“, the German defense company writes in a press release. According to it, the platform is a „technology leap“ and could jam even the latest Russian radars.

Kalaetron Attack consists of various components to deceive, suppress and disrupt enemy capabilities in the air, on land and at sea. The same system is also said to be able to be used passively as a reconnaissance sensor. Thus, the platform might secure „freedom of movement“ in a contested electromagnetic environment, thereby increasing the effectiveness of friendly forces.

High compaction through metallic 3D printing

Hensoldt describes Kalaetron Attack as a combination of artificial intelligence, digitization and active electronic sensing technology. The manufacturer cites broadband sensors and „effectors“ as key technologies, as well as high densification of electronic components through metallic 3D printing.

Deployments could be as stand-in and stand-off jammers, according to Hensoldt. This means jamming in close proximity to enemy air defense systems, or from a long distance outside one’s weapon engagement zone. Kalaetron Attack is scalable and can be directed at specific enemy vehicles.

The system is to be tested in an aircraft in the summer. Background is the planned use in Eurofighters of the German Air Force. For this purpose, the technology will be housed in a so-called pod that will be mounted on the fighter aircraft. In March, the German government announced it would procure more Eurofighters for electronic warfare to replace the Tornado fleet.

German government has blocking minority

Hensoldt’s „spectrum dominance“ department is responsible for developing Kalaetron Attack. According to its head, the group favors mass production of the system under „national sovereignty“.

Hensoldt is a spin-off of various divisions of the Airbus defense corporation. As a company of outstanding importance to security policy, the German government secured a blocking minority two years ago. Another major shareholder is the Italian defense group Leonardo.

Image: Eurofighters with (probably empty) Escort Jammer Pod (Hensoldt).

Autor: Matthias Monroy

Knowledge worker, activist, editor of the German civil rights journal Bürgerrechte & Polizei/CILIP.